Casino Banking Options

Seems like the credit card is losing its ground. It’s gradual demise at online casinos is due to the exorbitant amount of fraud that was approved through the casinos, albeit unknowingly. As a consequence alternative choices became the coupe de grace of the online gambling industry. The continuous resolution by online casinos and money merchants have come up with more than enough choices of casino banking options for their players which led to a considerable range of online bank transaction brokers. These online banks hold money for their customers just as a brick n’ mortar bank would and permits their customers to transfer funds to a multitude of online shops and casinos. It’s proven to be quite effective and safe. Regardless of which banking option a player might choose they will still be required by the online casino to verify their details. This may necessitate sending a scanned copy of photo ID plus the players credit or debit card. It’s always best to block out four numbers on the credit or debit card before the information is emailed or faxed to the casino. With all of the firewall protection, scanning software for viruses, spam and trash folders included with our e-mail accounts you would think it feasible by now to send your DNA with e-mail! However, e-mail isn’t considered the most secure method to transfer sensitive data.

Here follows a list of the best casino banking options found that manages online casino transactions. This list is not considered comprehensive and there are many other reliable organizations available. But this list will give any potential online casino player a pretty good start.

1. American Express Credit Cards
Instant deposits
Higher limits than other credit cards
Most online casinos friendly to US players accept Amex as a payment option

2. Visa and MasterCard Credit Cards & Diners Club International
Instant deposits
Additional accounts are not required

3. Click2Pay
Instant funding
Funding of account unnecessary
Free to sign up
Free bank transfers
Multiple currencies
Quick, secure and simple service

4. NETeller
Capable of instant transfers
NETeller instant cash accessible for US and Canadian bank account holders
Gives a NETeller ATM card that can be used around the globe
Available in US Dollars and Pound Sterling

5. MoneyBookers
Supports over 30 different currencies from around the globe
Instant deposits
Only e-mail address is required for account registration