Bank Transfer Casinos

For countless years, millions of individuals have shown faith in bank transfers to move money between accounts. From large money amounts to meager sums the bank transfer method has always been chosen for security, speed, reliability and availability from just about anywhere. The system is quite simple in itself but it does require the individual to actually go to a brick n’ mortar bank. It’s excellent for individuals who do not have access to an online or e-banking service. It may be hard to picture that scenario today but there are many who do not have access to these services. The first step is to go to the bank and ask them to make a transfer for the amount of money desired for the transaction. A protected message is then relayed from one bank to the other to mobilize the transfer, commanding them to pay the recipient. However, there are fees attached. The sender must pay a fee to their bank and the recipient’s bank will deduct a fee from the amount they receive.

Many individuals across the globe identify bank transfers with the most known transfer super power - Western Union. Nonetheless, any bank is capable of servicing these type of transfers. All that is needed is for the banks making the transactions to have accounts with each other. There are a number of advantages to using bank transfers; they are 100% secure, the opportunity to deposit great sums of money with one transaction and various withdrawal options are available. One of the disadvantages, and an important one, with using bank transfers for online casino gambling is that it takes between two and five business days for the transaction to be approved and that’s a no-no for an enthusiastic player. However, if an individual is searching for a non-aggravating way to transfer money for online casino playing without the demand to open any extra accounts, bank transfers is the better choice.

Casinos that accept bank transfers:

Spin Palace Casino
Spin Palace Casino has a good reputation and is backed by Microgaming software. They accept bank transfers along with other payment methods.

unibet Casino
Unibet Casino proposes the biggest selection of slots on the Internet. They accept bank transfers and other deposit methods.

bet365 Casino
Bet365 Casino is backed by Playtech software. They offer a generous bonus along with bank transfer deposit methods.

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